The Settling : An Outlook on 2015

2014 was for me, a year of restlessness, I was constantly plagued by a sense of unrest and dissatisfaction with the state of my life but, as I kick start 2015, I have noticed some real lessening of those feelings for a few reasons.

Firstly, I took a giant leap of faith and love with my best friend and we begun dating in October. Yes, it is the same friend that I wrote about in this article, about how the opposite genders CAN be just friends and nothing more. I still agree with this statement mostly, but would like to add that he and I clearly couldn’t be just friends. Our solid friendship long before we started dating has given us the strongest foundation for an amazing relationship. I have never quite experienced a love and satisfaction with a relationship like I have with him and for the last three months, he has treated me like gold and shown me how relationships and love are meant to be. Our relationship has given me a real sense of being settled and satisfied in love.

Secondly, I was rather unsettled at home. I was living with a dear friend for close-on eighteen months in a beautiful apartment. I had all the comforts in the world for almost half what the place was worth but it began not feeling like home at all. In a combination of my friend and I living different lives and wanting different home experiences, the place stopped feeling like home and I begun feeling like a paying guest just waiting to head to my actual home. Now, with great plans on moving into a place with my beloved in March, I am excited to finally make a home of my own and have a place where my heart and mind can come to rest.

Thirdly, towards the end of 2014 I was feeling rather uncomfortable in my work. I am so lucky to be working for someone I consider a great friend and mentor in a business that I am passionate about and want to be in. With some difficult team dynamics and my personal feelings of unrest, I thought I wanted to move on as I thought I was being underutilized and underestimated. I begun watching a role model of mine, Angela Ahrendts, speak about her career for some inspiration and she said some things that hit home. She said that she attributes her success to committing herself to one organisation and giving it her all until she feels she has given it everything, that the grass is only greener on the side that you water it. I took this really to heart and ruthlessly analysed my own behavior at work. Was I really giving it my all? I came back with a resounding “no” and realised that I had the unique opportunity to make the business as successful as I want it to be. I need to take accountability for the business’ success and start treating it as my own, because it is my business. So, I began the year with a new mindset. I voiced my feelings to my amazing MD and said that I wanted more accountability, I told him concrete things that I wanted to learn with clear timelines and have become more proactive in my work. It will start off easily, being the beginning of the year and feeling fresh after a break but it is crucial for me to consistently put deadlines and goals in place to avoid the complacency and unhappiness I felt at the end of the year.

Over December I took a trip to Amsterdam on my own for ten days to really assess my life and find some peace within myself. I was expecting to return home with great clarity and new direction but instead, I found that I had that all already that I just wasn’t putting it into action. I realised that I was so much more independent and brave than I thought. It was an eye-opening experience into humans too, I was surprised at generally how unfriendly Europeans really are and that South Africa is completely on the cutting-edge of tech and banking. My biggest realization though is that these trips are great for reflection but are also so much better when you are sharing them with someone. I desperately missed my loved ones while over there and think the experience would have fulfilled a different role but been wholly, more enjoyable all-round.

I certainly hope that 2015 is a fantastic one for you and yours!

Featured image courtesy of PicJumbo, free photos for personal and commercial work

I certainly hope that 2015 is a fantastic one for you and yours!


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