The Orbit : Braamfontein

The Orbit is a gorgeous new spot in the heart of the revived “New Johannesburg”, a restaurant and live jazz club that manages to bring a big city feel to the Braamfontein area.

The Orbit   BnRjqFmIcAA_Ic3.jpg-large

I was lucky enough to watch Emily Bruce, a Cape Town-based jazz singer, who really is your quintessential female powerhouse vocalist. Her backing band with the combination of her voice was entrancing to say the least. The audience was surprising mixed, I was expecting a room filled with beards, tweed and tight pants but instead there was an older businessman crowd mixed-in with the young Braamfontein crowd.

The food was good with a limited menu but the highlight for me was sitting back in the shadows with a good Scotch watching and listening to people who were quite clearly living their dream on-stage. The one thing I felt was missing though, was smokiness to the room. When I conjure up idealised images in my mind of a jazz bar, the air needs to be thick with cigar smoke but this bar is surprisingly fresh.

I would never call myself a jazz fan but The Orbit really opened my mind. I can honestly recommend it to anyone who is looking for something a little different to do in Johannesburg. Jump to their website to see their upcoming events and if you need an appreciation for jazz, check out Emily Bruce.


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