LIVE+ Connected Activation Agency

I work for LIVE+, a company that believes in being forward-thinking and innovative, not only in how we operate as a business but in how we approach our clients’ businesses. As we see ourselves surrounded by digital interaction, many companies ranging in size and function have realized the importance of integrating digital activities into their processes. We pride ourselves in having new and clear visions into how that can be executed within the marketing function for our clients.

 The digital landscape in recent times has certainly seen a move from a rapidly growing revolution into a more stabilized evolutionary state. Not to say though that the industry is slowing down in any way whatsoever, but we are seeing changes in how elements are being interacted with as opposed to drastic new inventions entirely (simpler, faster, stronger vs. entirely new). As LIVE+ we make it our mission to understand the latest developments and trends within the digital and consumer space so as to provide our clients with the most up-to-date and relevant communication platforms for their consumers.

 Insights are gained through being observers and explorers in the landscapes in which we operate. To be true innovators and pioneers in anything we do, we have to step into unknown, and sometimes uncomfortable territories to discover the beauty of the untouched. This doesn’t only take courage on the behalf of the LIVE+ team but also on behalf of the client that is willing to take the risk of being different. Trends guide us much like a map, if we continue to build on the metaphor of new world discovery. We believe that the combination of market insight and a clear grasp of trends only make for informed and strategic moves.

For our client base, these moves mean staying ahead of the curve. If strategies are executed without the right context, it can only mean loss and confusion. We don’t believe in looking at marketing or consumer challenges in isolation, we believe in looking at them holistically as business challenges. We have to ask ourselves as strategists, how we can begin an innovative domino effect throughout brands and companies that have long-term sustainability within a market place.

In a digitally pervasive world, true competitive advantage can only be gained through finding the best way in which digital and physical activities can function harmoniously. This is where LIVE+ provides the best solutions in our CONNECTIVATION ™ approach. We believe that we need to combine the “connected” digital world with on-the-ground “activation” to see the best measurable results for brands. We are driven to see contagious consumer advocacy in everything we execute for our clients.

You can read more about us on our website or follow us on Twitter




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