An Introduction to Lamy

As it says in my bio, I am a single 20-something female, living in Johannesburg. Since they say first impressions really count, I will try and not ruin this one by being overly clichéd and sappy.

I am passionate about technology and design, and when I’m not working, enjoy a good dose of reading, coffee and movies. The human experience fascinates me. I can listen to interesting people talk all day long, so the objective of this platform is to share my musings on those experiences.

The nickname Lamy has been around since my early teen years. It has even stuck amongst family and more recently amongst colleagues. As much as I have tried to shake it, I have given up and just embraced it. It is rather original so the WordPress address was available too.

This platform is going to be focused on three main categories, namely the marketing and tech industry, popular culture and design. It is rather broadly scoped so I hope you mange to find something that is of interest to you. 

Please comment and share. The idea is to start conversations and interact with like-minded humans.

With love,

Amy x

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